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Attention to users

Cancellation of Approval for Use

If any of the following occur, or the users cause trouble as regards management of the facilities, Approval for Use may be canceled or changed. EPOCHAL would also ask the users to leave the facilities. In such cases, no refunds will be made.

  • If the event breaks any regulations or rules set out in the regulations.
  • If the event may harm the public and/or public morals.
  • If it becomes apparent that the application contains false information or uses dishonest means.
  • If the event breaks any rules set out in the Statement of Approval.

Right to use

The right to use given by the Approval cannot be transferred or lent.



If facilities and/or equipment are damaged or lost, the users are expected to compensate for these losses.


Accident inside facilities

Users should take care to avoid accidents. EPOCHAL will not take responsibility or compensate for theft, damage, or any accidents that occur in the facilities, unless EPOCHAL has serious faults.


Telephone number on advertisements or fliers

The main EPOCHAL number should not appear on any advertisements or fliers, or be used for contact information.


Prohibited activities

EPOCHAL prohibits the activities listed below.

  • An activity that causes damage or disturbs others
  • Nailing anything to the floor, carpets, walls, ceilings, doors, shaving or planning the floor, or employing sticky tape
  • Moving location equipment out of its designated area
  • Carrying in fire, hazardous substances, very heavy objects, or other things determined as inappropriate
  • Other activities that EPOCHAL finds to be inappropriate

Use of Entrance Hall and Foyer

  • The reception should be set up in the foyer near the facilities being used. Please contact EPOCHAL in advance if the reception is required to be at the Entrance Hall.
  • Displays, and the use of the facilities for the exhibition or sale of goods require prior approval.
  • If several events are hosted at the same time, they will be coordinated by EPOCHAL.

Internet and Telephone Service

All rooms have analog and ISDN terminals. Telephone, FAX, and ISDN devices can be connected.

* Telephone access fees and calling charges will be borne by the users.


All rooms are provided with LAN service and users can access the Internet or set up their own network.


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