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Where is EPOCHAL TSUKUBA and how can we reach there?
Address: 2-20-3, Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki (How to acccess)
Where is the nearest station to EPOCHAL? (stations for the Tsukuba Express and the JR line)
Tsukuba Express: Tsukuba station
JR Joban line: Hitachino-Ushiku station, or Tsuchiura station
Is it permissible to eat or drink in the Hall?
Eating and drinking are not allowed in Main Hall, or Medium Halls 200 and 300
There are certain exceptions as regards eating and drinking.
What equipment is included in the facility (conference room) usage fee?
Desks and chairs are included in the fee.
An extra charge is made for the use of other equipment.
Please see the list of charges.
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Is parking free?
All users must pay parking charges (See list of charges).
There are cases where the organizer pays parking charges.
Please ask your organizer.
Are the charges for the whole day?
The charges are classified into morning, afternoon, and night.
How much extension can be made after 10 p.m.?
It depends on each case. Please contact EPOCHAL.
At what time in the morning can users enter EPOCHAL?
Please contact us, as the entrance time depends on the reserved time.
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May bills be posted on the walls?
Bill posting on the walls is not allowed. A bill stand should be used.
Is smoking allowed in EPOCHAL? Where are the smoking areas?
No smoking is allowed in EPOCHAL. Smoking areas can be found at the main entrance or the entrance near the restaurant.
Can waste be disposed of by EPOCHAL?
EPOCHAL can dispose of waste at a rate of 540 yen per 45-liter waste bag
Where is the nearest highway exit?
Sakura-Tsuchiura is the nearest highway exit.(Access)
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How long does it take to reach EPOCHAL from the station?
Tsukuba Express: It takes 10 minutes on foot from Tsukuba station.
What are the directions for reaching EPOCHAL on foot from Tsukuba station?
Take exit A3 escalator at Tsukuba station and take the stairs. When you get out of the station, turn right and walk straight along the street to EPOCHAL.(Access)
Are extra desks and chairs available? Is there a charge for their use?
If the users require extra desks or chairs on the actual day of use, there will be an additional charge for moving and/or removing them.
Can the users change the layout of the facilities?
Yes, they can.
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Can lunchboxes and beverages be ordered? Can users bring their own lunchboxes and beverages?
Users can bring their own lunchboxes and beverages. If users order lunchboxes and beverages from Restaurant Espoir, the restaurant will also handle any waste.
When does the parking area open and when does it close?
The parking next to EPOCHAL opens at 8 a.m. Please contact EPOCHAL regarding parking before 8 a.m.
Are there places to drink near EPOCHAL?
Please refer to the gourmet map provided at EPOCHAL.
Are taxis available?
Users requiring taxis should contact the administrative office.
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Are personal computers and fax machines available for hire?
There is no rental service for these machines. A fax machine is available at the administrative office with charge.
Can images be projected on the wall?
Images should not be projected on the wall because this will cause the wall color to fade.
Can the users bring their own equipment?
Projectors, presentation pointers, etc can be brought into the facilities.
Is there any charge for linking to the EPOCHAL website
No, there is not.
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When is the start date of Application to use the facilities?
Itdepends on which facilities you plan to use. Please see below,  Ea href="riyo001.html">Use classification E
Is there a cancellation charge?
The facilities Efees will be paid in installments depending on the time of applications. As for the application just before use, the payment should be in full. And once invoice has been issued, users are expected to pay.
Is a catering service available?
Restaurant Espoir provides a catering service.
Can shooting be allowed at the entrance lobby?
This depends on the time. Please ask for the availability.
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Can fees be paid after use?
There are special cases where fees may be paid after use. Ex) academic meetings
Is the Internet available?
EPOCHAL is equipped with a wireless LAN service, except in the conference rooms and Halls.
Can users inspect the facilities before use?
In principle, yes. However, the facilities are sometimes unavailable for viewing, and it depends on the time.
Are lockers available?
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Is the facility available for ordinary use?
Yes. However, the fees may vary depending on the purpose of the event or in certain other cases. Please contact EPOCHAL.
Is the facility available for exhibitions?
Can users cook in the facilities?
This is possible but the use of a naked flame is prohibited.
Are pantries available?
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Are the photographs that appear on the EPOCHAL website available for use?
Please contact us. Some, but not all, photographs are available.
Is there a bus service available?
Is there a service for arranging a hotel?
Yes. (The hotel guide)
Is there a service for operation management?
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How long does it take to reach EPOCHAL from Tsuchiura?
It takes about 25 minutes by car.
Can parties be held in the rooftop garden?
The rooftop garden is available for parties, but its use depends on the weather on the day.
How many international conferences does EPOCHAL host each year?
About 55 international conferences are held at EPOCHAL annually.
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