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Features and attractions

Functional and convenient equipment and facilities help to support meeting,events,and conventions

Facilities meet a variety of needs

The main convention hall,which can accommodate up to 1,258 people,is connected to meeting rooms and two smaller halls by video,making it possible for up to 2,500 people to participate in meetings.There are also a multi-purpose hall,a rooftop garden,a restaurant,and other facilities that can be used for awide variety of purposes.

Superior facilities and staff

The Center features state-of-the-art-facilities such as a 400-inch high-vision projector in the main hall,simultaneous interpretation in up to 6 languages,and asatellite teleconference system,as well as staff specialized in sound,lighting,ect.,to help make events go as smoothly as possible.

Providing high-quality services

The refined,open space of the Center provides an easy-to-use,comfortable setting that can enhance the success of conventions and events.Gettogethers,meetings,and discussions are supported by adedicated staff.