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Operational support services for events

General Affairs and Public Relations

  • Creating announcements and printed documents
  • Building, creating and managing web pages
  • Transmitting announcements
  • Compiling and printing abstracts
  • Creating operating manuals

Program support services

  • Methods for collecting theses, and determining selection criteria
  • Accepting and handling abstracts
  • Examining theses and determining programs
  • Drafting and sending abstract acceptance/rejection notices


  • Planning and arranging for preparing the conference venue
  • Drafting designs for decorations and signboards, planning and arranging for their installation
  • Planning staff allocation
  • Determining number of staff
  • Implementing staff orientation
  • Managing operation on the day of event


  • Creating guidelines for registration application (on-line and hard copy)
  • Collecting / reporting registration applications
  • Printing, proposing and creating various documents
  • List of participants, etc.
  • Processing before, during and after event
  • Drafting operational plans for registration desks and arrangement
  • Preparing layout maps, staff and stationery
  • Implementing staff orientation


  • Planning for lodgings
  • Determining hotels to be used
  • Negotiating with hotels
  • Bulk reservation of hotels or inns
  • Accepting accommodation applications from participants, and checking application status
  • Presenting lists of sponsor staff’s accommodation

Receptions and Events

  • Selecting halls for receptions and banquets
  • Planning excursions and inspection tours
  • Accepting reservations for lunch and lunch boxes

Financial Affairs

  • Compiling and reviewing budgets
  • Creating and reviewing account books
  • Final review of paid registration fees
  • Account reports for paid registration fees


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